Login Forms

Splash page Login forms give you basic requirements for standard everyday use.

Many combinations can be used over your portal Splash page as a login method.

User Login

Login method with username and password or login code

Free Access

Offer Free Internet access

Login or Sign Up

Allow Signup method for account creation

Video for access

Engage users with video or image ads for WiFi access

Marketing campaigns

Show targeted ads to WiFi users

Brand Message Ad

Engage users to remember brand message by typing ad keywords

Social network

Login with social media account

One Time Password

Login with a code sent on the mobile phone

Hotel PMS Integration

Automate the Signup process in your Hotel

Voucher login & data collect

Voucher login code with optional collecting customer data

Secure Single Sign-on login

Secure Single Sign-on login method with Microsoft Entra ID (former Azure AD)

Updated on December 27, 2023

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