Create admin

This option helps you to create Hotspot administrators.

From the Admins panel, you can create system admins and assign them different roles like Admin, Location Admin, Marketing admin, etc.

Please note, the main admin email can't be changed or deleted!

Each Admin has to login in order to do tasks on the Start HotSpot platform.

Besides Admin, there are several types of Admin roles:

Location Admin
Marketing Admin
Billing Admin
Location User Admin

Create Admin

During signup to the Start Hotspot portal, default admin will be created.
To create a new admin, go to the Admins page and click the New Admin button.

Create an admin account and send login credentials to the administrator Email.

On the Admins page type Email, set Password, select Admin type, and set other requested details.

You have the ability to send login credentials, like username, password, and login URL to the newly created admin account.

Save changes.



As the main admin, you have the ability to create public or personal invites and invite users to create admin accounts.

With Public Invitation, multiple users can signup.
With Personal Invitation, only user with specified email can signup.

For this feature, you will need to configure Email server settings on My Account/Email page.

To create an invite, go to Invites and click New Invite.

Select Invitation Type.

From Invite a user to become select admin account type.

Type User Email, Name, Email subject, Headline, Custom invitation text, and Email Footer.

The user will receive an email.

By clicking Join Now button user is able to create an account.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Increase your account security by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication using Microsoft or Google Authenticator app.

Go to the Admins / MFA page and Enable MFA.
Scan the image displayed and configure it in your app.

Upon login, you will be asked to provide MFA code to login to your admin account.

My Profile

When the user logs in as admin, he can edit details from the self-service My profile page.

All admin details can be changed except Email and Admin type.

Available Admin Roles


Admin has full access and control of the Start Hotspot account.

Location admin

As Location admin, you can access and create Users, WiFi locations, Splash page, Analytics, License.

Marketing Admin

Marketing Admin may create Surveys and Marketing Campaigns.

Billing admin

Billing admin can access and create Users, Internet Plans, Payment, Analytics, License.

Location User Admin

Location User Admin can create Users for that specific WiFi location and access Analytics and License page.

Reseller Admin

Reseller Admin can only create Users for that specific WiFi location.

Advertiser Admin

Advertiser Admin can only create Ads.

Supervisor Admin

As Supervisor Admin you can access and create Users, Admins,WiFi locations, Splash page, Internet plans, Payments, Surveys, Analytics, Network.

Updated on December 21, 2023

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