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Zyxel Nebula Cloud

This article describes the installation and configuration steps for the Zyxel Nebula Cloud controller.


Create an account in https://nebula.zyxel.com/

Create an Organization and Site.

Add your Nebula devices in Organization-wide > License & inventory > Devices then click +Add.

Input the following then click Next.
MAC address:
Serial number:

Go to Access point > SSID advanced settings.

Go to Network access > Security options then Set to Open.

Go to Network access > Sign-in method > Sign-on with Set to My RADIUS server.

Go to Network access > RADIUS server then add

Go to Network access > RADIUS accounting then add and Save changes.

If you need help with configuration, please go to starthotspot.com and contact our tech support. We’ll be glad to help you.

Updated on December 21, 2023

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