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What is Start Hotspot ?

Start Hotspot is a platform which helps you in controlling and billing your customers for the Internet usage.

It’s the easiest cloud WiFi Hotspot that helps you create free WiFi and engage your customers.

Start Hotspot Cloud WiFi system simplifies WiFi deployment while decreasing investment and operating costs.
It’s built by professionals that created the most used Windows-based HotSpot system over a decade ago.

Relax, let us manage your WiFi, and engage your visitors.

Cloud Hotspot platform helps you build your WiFi and scale as you grow.
Connect routers, customize splash pages, limit user Internet access, engage social WiFi users, accept credit card payments, check statistics and analytics.

Hosted by us, managed by you from any device.

After the initial setup of selected hardware, there is no need for any Client software installations.
Start Hotspot Cloud WiFi uses captive portal technology to show login page in customer browser.

Upon connecting to your network, the customer will be prompted to enter a valid username and password to get Internet access.

Start HotSpot keeps track of customer account and you are able to modify them and refill them if it is needed.

Updated on December 21, 2023

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