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Twitter X API

Login on your Twitter X account and go to the Twitter Developer portal.


If you have existing Twitter Apps, you can view and edit your Apps via the Twitter App dashboard if you are logged into your Twitter account on developer.twitter.com.

If you need to create a new Twitter App, you will need to have signed up for a developer account. If you are a member of a team account, you must be assigned an admin role to create a new App.

Go to Projects & Apps, click Create New App and complete Twitter project questions.

Set basic details like Name, Description, and upload App Icon.
( Please note, you should set your App and Project Name)

Save changes.

From the User authentication settings section, click on the Set up button.

On the User authentication settings page, from App Permissions select Request email from users.

As Type of App set Native App.

On the App info section set the following:

Callback URL:

Website URL:

Set your Organization name, URL, Terms of service, and Privacy policy URLs.

Save changes and go to the Projects & Apps page.

Click the Add project button.

Select Basic / Free project.
Set the Project name, Use Case, and type Project description.


On the App set up tab click Add an existing App button, and select the previously created App. From the Confirmation tab click Go to dashboard.

Go back to your App / Keys and tokens tab.

From the OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Client Secret section, copy Client ID, and regenerate and copy Client Secret.

Login to the Start Hotspot portal and go to the Splash page / Social Network Configure tab.

Enter Client ID as Consumer key and Client Secret as Consumer Secret.

Save changes on the Configure pop-up window, then save the Splash page.

Please note that the information listed here may change without notice.
In that case, please get in touch with Twitter support directly.

Updated on December 25, 2023

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