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Line API

Log in to the LINE Developers Console.

From the Providers section, select a provider WiFi Hotspot.

In the Basic settings tab input the required information.

Channel ID: 1656598101
Set region
Select Channel icon
Channel name: WiFi Hotspot

Email address: office@wifihotspot.io
Privacy policy URL: https://starthotspot.com/download/PrivacyPolicy.html
Terms of use URL : https://starthotspot.com/download/PrivacyPolicy.html
App types: Web app

Please apply for Email address permission.

Go to the LINE Login tab.

Enable Web app.

Callback URL: https://connect.starthotspot.com/LineLoginExecute

If you are using your own server or Whitelabel, please state here your URL following /LineLoginExecute

Updated on October 11, 2022

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