Internet Plans

Internet plan determines which download and upload speed the guest will have during the session, total bandwidth data available for transfer, optional session duration, as well as optional expiration date.

Setup is done from Internet Plans panel.

Administrator or employee (with appropriate access rights) is able to modify any of the settings before generating accounts.

However, most of the settings can be applied with simple selecting of Internet plan from list of already set internet plans.

You can modify them, or create totally new price plans.
The number of price plans in the database is not limited.

Create Internet Plan

To set new plan press New Internet Plan button.

Each Internet plan has the following:

Name – Name for configured plan
Price – Cost of selected price plan. If the tax is not specified, this is what customer pays
Active – If it is selected, the price plan is active and can be used for account generating
Time -Time available for the Internet usage. It’s measured in seconds and displayed in hours and minutes
Unlimited Time – Enable this option if you do not wish to limit users in time. It’s useful if you charge users by bandwidth or users pay monthly fees
Bandwidth quota – Represent total bandwidth traffic available to a user for downloading or uploading.
( The quota is not a sum of download and upload traffic. If you define 100 GB as the quota, a user can download and upload a maximum of 100 GB, whichever comes first. It’s usually displayed in MB, GB or TB depending on selected value.)
Download / Upload rate is displayed in Mbps.
Expires from the first usage will set expire date from the first login. For example, if you set to 10 days, a user will not be able to login on the 11th day from the first login.

Press on Save button to store Internet plan in the list of available plans.

Updated on March 4, 2019

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