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Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus

This article describes the installation and configuration steps for Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus.


Log in to your Huawei iMaster account.
Proceed to create the SSID by following these steps:

Choose a site from the Site drop-down list located in the upper left corner.
Move to AP WI-FI, click Create, and configure the basic SSID information with the following settings:

Set SSID name.
Enable Working status.
Disable Schedule switch-on.
For Effective radio, select all.
Choose Data forwarding mode as Direct.
Enable Global DHCP address pool.

Click Next.

Proceed to configure the Security authentication mode.

WLAN Security Policy: Open network Portal authentication.
Page pushing mode: Relay authentication by cloud platform.
Interconnection mode: RADIUS relay.
Page push protocol: HTTPS.
In the Bypass policy accept Bypass policy selection notice and select User access is allowed without authentification.
Save changes.

Make sure you change parameters to username, password, and sucessUrl.

Next, you should create a RADIUS Server.

Set Name and Description.
Authentication service set to Portal authentication.
As Authentication server address set, port 1812.
For Radius Key contact our office.
Authentication protocol should be set to PAP protocol.
As NAS identifier select Device MAC.
As Accounting server address set, port 1813.
Timeout period: 5 seconds
As Load balancing mode select Strict accordance with priority.
Enable MAC address format settings.
As MAC address case select Uppercase, as MAC separator choose Hyphen(-).
MAC address format should be XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX.

To configure Portal Page Push Policy navigate to Admission Resources Page Management.

Create a URL template.

The following parameters should be in the template:

Proceed with Portal Page Push Policy configuration.

Select Portal Page Push Policy and click Create.
Set a descriptive name for the policy.
Choose the Site where you intend to deploy the Captive Portal.
Additionally, select Access Mode as Wireless.
Set the Cloud platform-based as Authentication mode, and RADIUS relay as Interconnection mode.
Select URL template.
As a Third-party authentication URL paste the Cloud WiFi URL

Click Apply to confirm and implement the Portal Page Push Policy with the specified settings.

Updated on March 20, 2024

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