Huawei controller

Sample configuration was done on Huawei controller AC6800V.


Log in to your Huawei Controller, go to Configuration РSecurity РAAA page.

In Portal Server Configuration – External portal Interoperation Protocol section
create or edit portal server and configure port 2000 as on the image.

Go to the Configuration tab, click Security > AAA > External Portal Server > Modify Authentication Server and configure server IP address of the captive portal :

Shared Key: contact our office

Sample URL configuration result:

In URL Option Settings section configure following:

AC-IP keyword/AC-IP: ac-ipENABLED
AC-MAC keyword/AC-MAC: ac-macENABLED
System name heyword/System name: DISABLED
AP-IP keyword: ap-ipENABLED
User access URL keyword: redirect-urlENABLED
User IP address keyword: user-ipaddressENABLED
Login URL keyword/Login URL: DISABLED
AP-MAC keyword: ap-macENABLED
User MAC jkeyword: user-macENABLED

Configure Parameter Parsing Configuration as below.

Protocol type: HTTP
User name keyword: username
Original URL keyword: initurls
Login success response: Redirect to the specified…
Login failure response: Return to the login page
Password encription mode: Non-encryption
Password keyword: password

Click Advanced link and set:

Command keyword: cmd
String identifying the user login command: login
String identifying the user logout command: logout
User MAC address keyword: macaddress
User IP address keyword: ipaddress
Logout success response: select Display a message, LogoutSuccess!
Logout failure response: select Display a message, LogoutFail!

On the Configuration – Security – ACL – Domain Name Configuration

Primary RADIUS Server:
Secondary RADIUS Server:
Authentication port: 1812
Accounting port: 1813
Shared Secret: contact our office

MAC address format in Calling-Station-Id: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
MAC address format in Called-Station-Id: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx

If you need help with configuration, please go to and contact our tech support. We’ll be glad to help you.

Updated on February 8, 2021

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