After background & logo configuration, specifying the login method, and inclusion of elements on the page, you still may need some of the features.

From Features panel in a couple of clicks can be enabled Survey, Social Networks, Terms of use, Contact permission, Language, and added to your Splash page.

Terms of use

More than ever is required to notify users regarding the Terms of use under which service is provided.

In order to place such notification on the Splash page, enable the Terms of use feature.

Terms of use Configure button opens a text editor where you can write your own text.

Also, you can select some of the default Terms of use text templates.

Press on the Save button to apply changes.

This way will get splash page with Accept terms of use check button.

If you want to customize the Terms of Use checkbox with custom text, please add this script in the HTML element on your Splash page.

$(“#termsLabelText”).text(“I confirm I am over the age of 18”)

Contact permission

From May 25, 2018. is needed that users accept or denied contact permission to comply with the GDPR consent requirements.

In order to place such notification at Splash page enable Contact Permission feature

From Contact permission use Configure button to get text editor where you can write your own Contact permission details.

You have the ability to select previously defined Contact Permission details.

Press Save button to apply changes.

This way will get Splash page with Contact Permission check button.

A guest must give consent to receive intermittently emails containing discounts, coupons and the offers of your partners for advertising purposes.

For that reason, Contact Permission feature should be enabled at the Splash page.

Also, you have the ability to manually enable Contact permission on the user account.

A user can opt-out and disable permission, as well as delete or modify his personal data in the user profile accessible from the User profile page.



The Splash page can be easily translated in any language.

After enabling Language feature from Features panel, language selection combo box will be included on the Splash page.

Your customers have the ability to choose the preferred language or to leave browser default for auto-translation.

Currently are supported English, Español, Françoise, Português, Deutsch, Russian, Italiano, Türk, Srpski, Hrvatski, and Slovenski language.

Send us a translation to your language and we will include it.

Updated on December 21, 2023

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