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All Users

All Users panel give a preview of all Start Hotspot accounts.

For each of accounts are available details:
Username, E-mail, Download, Upload, and Status, as well as Select field and configuration button from which is possible to edit, delete or to cancel configuration changes.

New user button transfers you to New User creation panel.

Using the Manage button is possible to Export Users into Excel (*.xlsx) format, Delete selected and Select All / Unselect users.

Using account details you can also perform Search in Users panel.

New User

New User
panel is used for the creation of the user account.

New user information required for account creation are Username and Password from Manage User tab and Name, Last name and E-mail address from Details tab.

Manage User

Manage User contain account details: Username, Password, and Autologin device.

Access Limits:
Download and Upload rate is set by Internet pan in account creation and can be adjusted later for each user separately. It’s displayed in megabits per second (Mbps).
– Unlimited Bandwidth quota
Bandwidth quota represents total bandwidth traffic available to a user for downloading or uploading. The quota is not a sum of download and upload traffic. If you define 100 GB as the quota, a user can download and upload a maximum of 100 GB, whichever comes first. It’s usually displayed in MB, GB or TB depending on the selected value.
Daily bandwidth limit – Total bandwidth traffic available for Internet usage on a daily basis. When all bandwidth time is used, a user can login on the next day
(To reset Daily bandwidth limit option it is required to disable, save and enable it again)
Unlimited time should be used only if you don’t wish to limit users in time. It’s useful if you charge users by bandwidth or users pay monthly fees
Time available for Internet usage is given in hours and minutes
Daily time limit – Total time available for Internet usage on daily basis. When all daily time is used, a user can login on the next day
(To reset Daily time limit option it is required to disable, save and enable it again)
Expiration will set expire date from the first login. For example, if you set to 10 days, a user will not be able to log in on the 11th day from the first login.
Autologin device – Enable Autologin feature for account
Multi-Device – This option allows more than one user (device) to login with the same account. The users sharing one account also share the total download and upload rate.
˙(For example, 100 KB/s can be used by one user, or it can be used for 10 users to have approximately 10 KB/s each).

Following are details about account like Contact permission, a date when an account is Created, Last used, Status, MAC address of the device where it is used and Internet plan used for account creation.


Details page contain customer personal information and create a valuable addition to the rest of the user account options.

Also, from this page, you have the ability to edit User details.



Details include a First name and Last name, Address, City, Postal code, State, Country, Email addresses, Mobile number, Birthday, Gender and Profile image if social media account is used for account creation.




Create panel give you the ability to create Users, Codes, and Refills in a couple seconds.
The first step is to select between User/Pass, Login Code or Refill.
Next step is to choose from available Internet Plans.
Set the number of users from How many box.

From Type field select between Autogenerate, Configurable or Fixed Code.

Set custom expiration date or use default from Internet plan.

Press on the Create button.

Created users will be loaded and you can choose to send them to Printer and Print.

Created users can also be Export to Excel *.csv type file.


Your customers are able to refill their accounts with previously generated Refill code.
Refills are used to add more time or bandwidth quota to an already existing user account.

Go to the Splash Page section and select your Splash page.
Click Settings button.

In Configure pop-up window Enable refill.
This way you will show Refill code field on the Splash page.

From Create panel select Refill and create refills.

Refills panel show a list of available refills.

For each of refill are available details:
Refill, Internet plan, Amount, Download, Upload, Status, Select field and configuration button from which is possible to delete refill.
Using Manage button is possible to Delete selected and Select All/Unselect refills.

You have ability to Search Users panel using account details.

Updated on February 4, 2020

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