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Create paid or free WiFi Hotspot

Start Hotspot Cloud WiFi solution helps you to create free or paid WiFi HotSpot.

The advantage of our solution is the very high customization of user accounts which allows creating limited or unlimited accounts. It’s very easy to offer paid Internet access with higher speeds, quota, or unlimited access.

Offer WiFi Services in Your Hotel, Coffee Shop, Restaurant

Offering high-speed wireless Internet services in one hotel will only help you increase occupancy and improve tenant and guest satisfaction.

Furthermore, it will also represent an additional source of revenue for your business.

With the use of Start Hotspot in your Hotel, you will be able to:

– control and monitor access to the Internet for all wireless devices in your guest rooms
– provide reliable wireless Internet access in your restaurant, lobby, and conference rooms, which makes it ideal for seminars and meetings
– maintain secure access to the Internet resources outside the hotel, like on golf courses or by the hotel pools

Updated on December 21, 2023

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