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This article describes the installation and configuration steps for Cisco 8540 controller.

This platform supports the Monitoring Dashboard and the Upgrade audit workflow view with release 8.1 and newer.

It is recommended to load all necessary certificates to the controller to have better experience.
You will be redirected to the Monitor Summary page, where you have the ability to check Controller details and Access points summary.


Access to WLANs section and then from list of available default WLANs choose to Edit available or create New.
We choose to edit current.
From General tab it is required to set profile name, SSID and to activate it.
In our example is used StartHotSpotTestAuth and StartHotSpotWiFi.
As Radio Policy select All.
Set Interface/Interface Group (G).
Enable Broadcast SSID.

Cisco setup 1

From Security / Layer 2 tab as Layer 2 Security specified None.

Cisco setup 2

From Security / Layer 3 tab as Layer 3 Security set Web Policy and activate Authentication.
In WebAuth FlexAcl field set starthotpotflex.

Cisco setup 3

From AAA Servers tab as Radius Server Overwrite interface select Enabled and set WLAN from Interface Priority.
Authentication Servers should be Enabled and set IP:, Port:1812
Accounting Servers should be Enabled and set IP:, Port:1813

Cisco setup 4

Cisco setup 4

From QoS and Policy-Mapping tab leave default values

Cisco setup 5

Cisco setup 6

Cisco setup 7

From Advanced tab be sure that Allow AAA Override and and Coverage Hole Detection are Enabled.

Cisco setup 8 Cisco setup 9
Cisco setup 10 Go to WLANs section and in Ap Groups choose to edit StartHotSpot Group.
From General tab specify AP Group Description StartHotSpot.

Cisco setup 12

From WLANs tab can be seen WLAN ID, SSID, Interface and SNMPC NAC State.

Cisco setup 13 From RF Profile tab set none for 802.11a and 802.11bCisco setup 14From APs tab are visible APs currently visible in the Group and others which you can add using Add APs to the Group.

Cisco setup 15 From Wireless menu go to FlexConnect Groups section and choose to Edit.
From General tab is visible Group Name.
Set none as VLAN Template Name.
As HTTP-Proxy set IP address and Port 0.
Server type is Primary and port number 1812.

Cisco setup 16 From WLAN VLAN mapping tab select to use VLAN Support, Override LAN on AP and set Native VLAN ID 2100.
As WLAN VLAN Mapping set Id 1.

Cisco setup 17 From Access Control Lists section is available list with names for your flex.

From the Security menu go to RADIUS Authentication Servers section.
In Auth Called Station ID Type select AP MAC:SSID: AP Group.
Use AES Key Wrap should be disabled and as MAC delimiter set Hyphen.

Select it in the list and choose to Edit. On the list you will see Server Index and Server address.
Be sure that as Shared Secret format is used ASCII then set and confirm Shared Secret.
As Port Number specify 1812.
Enable Server Status and Support for CoA.
As Server Timeout specify 2 seconds.
Enable Network User and Management.
From Managemener Retransmit Timeout specify 2 seconds.

Cisco setup 20 From Accounting section in Auth Called Station ID Type set AP MAC:SSID: AP Group.
For Use AES Key Wrap should be disabled.
As MAC delimiter set Hyphen and set for Framed MTU 1300.

Select it in the list and choose to Edit.
On the list you will see Server Index and Server address.
Be sure that as Shared Secret format is used ASCII then set and confirm Shared Secret.
As Port Number specify 1813.
Enable Server Status.
As Server Timeout set 2 seconds.
Enable Network User.

Cisco setup 22 From Web Login Page section set in Web Authentication Type to use External.
As Redirect URL after Login set www.starthotspot.com
As External Webauth URL set https://wifihotspot.io/login

Add the following domains at the Access control list :


From Web Authentication Certificate panel are visible currently applied SSL Certificates.

Cisco setup 24 From the Controller menu in the General section is visible current configuration.

From the Interfaces menu is visible currently configured Interface.

Select it in the list and choose to Edit.
Here will be visible Interface name, MAC address, Interface Address and DHCP Information.

Configuring parameters

Redirect URL after login: https://www.starthotspot.com
External Webauth URL: https://wifihotspot.io/login
Authentication RADIUS Server:
Accounting RADIUS Server:
Authentication port: 1812
Accounting port: 1813
Shared Secret: (it will be communicated by Start Hotspot office)

If you need help with configuration, please go to starthotspot.com and contact our tech support. We’ll be glad to help you.

Updated on September 3, 2022

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