This article describes the installation and configuration steps for Alcatel OmniAccess devices. Our test was performed with Alcatel OmniAccess Stellar 1201

Alcatel OmniAccess Stellar

Go through the setup wizard, change your admin pass, country, time zone and create a new WLAN:

Login again with your new admin pass and you should see a management console:


Click WLAN icon to open WLAN Configuration and click to edit WLAN which you just created:

Configure these parameters:

Captive Portal: yes
Security Level: Open
Inactivity Timeout Status: on
Inactivity Timeout Interval: 600

Configure other parameters based on your needs and click Save.

Go to Access page and open Authentication

Enable HTTPS, and select External Captive Portal. Configure these parameters:

Redirect URL: /login
Redirect URL param: disable

Server IP/Hostname:
Authentication Server Port: 1812
Secret: (contact our office)
Radius Accounting: enable
Accounting Server Port: 1813
Accounting Interval: 600

Click Save to save changes and continue with the configuration.

Go to Walled Garden and configure these domains:

If you intend to use social networks, please add these domains:

Go to ACL and configure this rule:

That’s all. Test your AP.


Updated on March 20, 2024

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